The New Eco Living Token BUMooN Is Set to Accelerate Green Economy

November 11 10:29 2021
The New Eco Living Token BUMooN Is Set to Accelerate Green Economy
The hottest crypto asset of 2021 is here to make green businesses more feasible. Powered by Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things, BUMooN is seeking to support the government’s effort to save the planet from global warming.

November 10, 2021 – BUMooN is set to launch Boo!™ Apps and eco-living token BUMooN this November, which is set to bring a major breakthrough in the crypto world. This is done by developing Energy-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service as a middleware as BUMooN aims to take advantage of natural or renewable resources to promote the green economy.

Boo!™ stands for BUMooN Operation Orchestrator, a mobile application that works for Android OS & iOS to orchestrate BUMooN projects and its participants. An essential part of the BUMooN ecosystem, Boo!™ communicates directly with users and is packed with features including wallet management, send, transfer, swap, and freemium business models features. Boo™ will work in a decentralized way which keeps resources utilization to a minimum while offering handy and high-performance tools for users.

BUMooN founder Ryan Putra was quoted as saying, “Global warming can pose a huge risk to the future. Are we ready to face an 18 percent decline of global GDP if we fail to maintain the global temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius in 2030? As a comparison, the decline in the global GDP from the pandemic alone is about 3 percent. [From] 3 percent to 18 percent, that is sixfold.”

At a time when several world countries are concerned about carbon emissions as researchers found the average carbon emission to be 33.3 billion metric tons per year, the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol to limit and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with agreed individual targets by UNFCC is set to have a major impact on reducing these carbon emissions. The company is also committed to growing people’s awareness about the disadvantage of carbon emissions to the environment by generating a much-needed profit that people can get from doing an easy and transparent activity that has a positive impact on the earth. 

Despite focusing on green projects, BUMooN also aims to work together with current technology to deliver profit effortlessly, verifiably, and transparently, as mentioned in BUMooN Ecosystem Introduction. The profits generated by creating an Eco-living token as an entry point will be distributed to all the people who will participate in BUMooN green projects through different public companies. This will enable people to easily donate, invest, and act to improve the environment while giving them much more rewards than they were initially given. 

This will likely encourage people to participate in green activities while automatically generating profits for all participants while improving environmental health, an initiative which the company terms as DONVESTMENT. Audited by CertiK, the company has chosen the best global blockchain security leader to perform a security check and deliver end-to-end security between BUMooN and its project participants. The company has some major plans for the future, which include establishing a joint partnership with Artha Graha Network, a conglomerate company that has a decades-long track record of environmental concerns, among others.

BUMooN projects will be divided into three categories: Profitable Business Model, Garbage Mining, SooLAR, and CARBooN. CARBooN is one of the BUMooN projects that aspires to participate in carbon offset activities while also improving the prospective company in two primary activities in exchange for money. BUMooN Teams will sell the collected rubbish to some collectors and receive real money in order to increase the liquidity pool by 90% of the total selling, with 10% taken as a charge for BUMooN Teams. The business wants to expand its technology in the future to develop IoT-based tools that can track carbon reduction in their solar panels, with the entire ecosystem managed by Boo!TM Apps. BUMooN teams are always on track to undertake charity work, thus, increasing oxygen resources.

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BUMooN is an Eco-Living Token for accelerating the green economy to make green business more feasible. As mentioned in the company’s project roadmap, the company is also committed to raising people’s awareness about the negative effects of carbon emissions on the environment by generating a much-needed profit that people can get from doing an easy and transparent activity that has a positive impact on the earth. To learn more visit:

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