BOC Sciences Provides High-quality Raw Materials to Accelerate mRNA Vaccine Supply

June 04 00:01 2021

New York, USA – June 3, 2021 – Recently, BOC Sciences announced that it had completed the optimization of production processes and equipment within one year, and at the same time increased the supply of raw materials related to the production of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Only a year ago, mRNA vaccines were only known to a few people in the scientific community. Today, millions of people are pinning their hopes on this genetic-based immunization. However, the production process of mRNA vaccines is particularly complicated and requires professional technical capabilities. Not only that, the biggest bottleneck restricting global vaccine supply at present is the lack of raw materials. As the global demand for the COVID-19 vaccine far exceeds supply, the lack of raw materials needed to produce mRNA vaccines may lead to a more general shortage of vaccines.

Obviously, many COVID-19 vaccine raw materials, packaging materials, consumables, and equipment are in short supply, which may cause some COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to fail to fulfill their current vaccine production commitments. BOC Sciences has been doing its best to help provide basic nucleotide raw materials to support the research and production of mRNA vaccines.

BOC Sciences has a complete production and supply chain of mRNA vaccine raw materials, and can provide pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers with customized solutions that meet the requirements. BOC Sciences will use its professional technology and resources to meet this challenge and fully support the production and supply of mRNA vaccines. The company claimed in a statement that it can play a vital role in the global mRNA-based vaccine supply chain.

BOC Sciences provides high-purity raw materials, and all products are manufactured through high-definition analysis and strictly controlled purity standards. As the manager of BOC Sciences nucleotide platform said, “Our GMP platform can produce a large number of mRNA vaccine materials, including nucleotide materials, modified nucleotide materials, cap analogs, and polynucleotide tails. We will meet the growing global demand for the COVID-19 vaccines by optimizing production process and maximizing production capacity.”

BOC Sciences will continue to provide high-quality products and services to support the global development and manufacturing of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. For more information about BOC Sciences’s capabilities, please visit

About BOC Sciences

The team members of BOC Sciences include different types of personnel such as manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, engineering, and process/analysis development. They can develop and synthesis various raw materials, including nucleosides, nucleotides, phosphoramidites, synthetic APIs, intermediates, and peptides, which can meet any prescribed specifications. All products are produced in dedicated cleanroom equipment. Moreover, the products have undergone rigorous QC and HPLC purification to eliminate potential contamination and ensure stability, repeatability, and security between batches.

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