Rush to the Wilderness – London Contemporary Juried Exhibition was successfully launched in London, UK

March 23 01:42 2023

On March 15, 2023, the opening reception of “Rush to the Wilderness – London Contemporary Jury Exhibition” will be held at M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY, London, UK. This exhibition was carefully planned by the three curators Xi Wang / Yue Yin / Wuchao Feng of GALLERY NAT London curatorial team over two months. Taking Rush to the Wilderness as the exhibition theme, it is a contemporary art review exhibition open to the world. The exhibition received a total of 370 artists from all over the world to submit application emails, and finally the winning artist was selected jointly by the European contemporary art history critic Renaud Ego / Dr. Maxence Alcalde and GALLERY NAT London curator team / M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY 19 1, professional artists from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, India, China and Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions.

The works exhibited in the exhibition range from contemporary sculpture, installation, contemporary video, easel painting and composite materials, and photography as the medium. The artists featured in the exhibition are: Prasad Beaven / Yan Chen / Xiangyu Dong / Chun Han / Phil Hohn / Mack Gingles / Yizhu Gong / Stacy Isenbarger / Xiaotong Jiang / Saruha Kilaru / Danlei Kong / Steve Kong / Francesca Miotto / Giulia Simeoni / Josh Spindler / Annie Trevorah / Yijuan Wang / Zhuo Yao / Yuyi (Ruxue Chen). At the M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY cocktail party in London, artists from different nationalities shared their creative experience with the art lovers, artist friends, and media guests who participated in the exhibition. The exhibition kicked off with a pleasant reception.

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This exhibition will be held from March 15th to March 21st, 2023. During the exhibition period, the on-site executive curatorial team of GALLERY NAT London, the exhibition M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY and the feedback from the on-site participating audience during the exhibition period will carry out various awards. Nominations will be finalized by the exhibition judges Renaud Ego / Dr. Maxence Alcalde to confirm the winners of the exhibition awards through comprehensive scoring. Each award is born from the works exhibited on the spot in line with the principles of fairness, justice and academics. After the end of the pandemic crisis, the world focuses on rationally returning to the inner connection of nature, philosophy, and human nature. The diversity of natural organisms, the inheritance of human civilization, and the changing contradictions of all parties in the society form a series of survival and thinking problems, and study the direction of social development.

The winners of the exhibition will be selected by the final exhibition judges, GALLERY NAT London curator team, M P BIRLA MILLENNIUM ART GALLERY, and the audience during the exhibition.

The list of awards for the “Rush to the Wilderness – London Contemporary Jury Exhibition” is announced below

Gold Award: Annie Trevorah “Totems”;

Silver Award: Phil Höhn “Nature Nurture” / Yizhu Gong “Balance” ;

Bronze Medal: Josh Spindler “Seeking the Sun they found Oblivion” / Zhuo Yao “Trapped” / Stacy Isenbarger “Cooling System”;

Honorable Mention: Xiangyu Dong “In a Mood of Love” / Francesca Miotto “We Run Through the Dark” / Xiaotong Jiang “In the Dust of the World”;

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exhibition site

exhibition site

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