Family Trio of Authors Deliver Powerful Insights on Mental Health in an Interview with a Mental Health Agency

March 15 15:02 2023
Fight or Flight, a mental health company, interviewed the Smith family trio of authors. To spread awareness, they will sign books for the audience at The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.

Kamille Smith, age 10, Kamryn Smith, age 7, and their father, Kenny Smith, are authors of different books on mental health through their family-owned literacy empire I-AM Possible Enterprise. The Smith family is dedicated to increasing literacy and mental health awareness among young people with their books, including those authored by the young sisters.

The Smith Family trio was recently interviewed by Johnny Adams, a former NFL player who founded and is CEO of Fight or Flight, a mental health company.  At the groundbreaking of the new Ed Davis Community Center in Akron, OH, Johnny spotted the girls sitting at their table, each with a book on youth mental health. Intrigued, he approached their father and requested to join them for a conversation. Johnny was amazed to see how they have created a literacy empire since Covid-19 changed the world.

The young authors expressed that they are thrilled to have the opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of positive mental health with their books focusing on the importance of self-confidence and overcoming adversity. As research tells us that reading levels and comprehension rates are at an all-time low due to the pandemic, the Smith family is determined to help increase young people’s literacy and mental health awareness.

While answering a question, the young sisters expressed that they are equally excited about their book signing event at The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on April 29th in Knoxville, TN. The duo will be showcasing their works at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Induction ceremony alongside their father, who has published two books of his own.

The Smith family’s journey began during the pandemic when Dad decided to write a children’s book to focus on being a positive light in his daughters’ lives. This inspired Kamille and Kamryn to become authors themselves. Now, the girls and their dad have books that help people deal with mental health issues and become the best version of themselves. 

During the interview, Kamille expressed that her first book “Girls Fall Down Sometimes” was published when she was 9 years old, and her sister Kamryn followed with “Be Free! Just Do It Your Way!” They expressed that the feeling of having your first book published is tough to define. 

The young authors expressed in their discussion with Johnny Adams that their father is their source of inspiration, and writing books increases their confidence. This is precisely what is expressed in the book “We Love Our Daddy,” which highlights the importance of a father being present in the lives of his family.

In answer to one question, they said that observation is also an ultimate source of their learning and confidence. “i’m Watching” is one book that connects young readers with how little boys learn everything by watching their environment.  “Switching Up My Hair” also continues to express the same. This book empowers young girls worldwide to feel confident wearing their hair in any way they choose, especially in its natural state. Kamryn and Kamille’s goal is to stop girls from measuring themselves with the mirror of society. 

The Smith family is excited to share their books and inspire young readers to become confident, resilient, and mentally healthy. “We’re proud of our girls, and we hope that our books will positively impact young people’s lives,” said Kenny Smith. He added, “Spreading awareness about the importance of positive mental health is crucial, especially during these challenging times. We are determined to help increase literacy and mental health awareness among young people and inspire them to become confident, resilient, and mentally healthy individuals.” 

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I-AM Possible Enterprise is a family-run business founded by Kenny Smith, also known as “Coach Jo-Jo.” The company promotes positive mental health and literacy through a series of children’s books authored by Kenny and his two daughters, Kamille and Kamryn.

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