Speaker Empowers The Middle Class With The Right Resources To Overcome Brutal Rising prices And Inflation

January 16 13:25 2023

Speaker Davonte Fennell wasted no time warning thousands of platform users on Twitter about how 2023 will be worst compared to the previous years. He went on to say “Be prepared for what’s to come. Prices will rise everywhere. the key is to live below ur means and start prepping to have things before prices keep rising. Gold and silver will be a good idea for most as it is talked about through out the bible. Amen.”

Is it possible Speaker Davonte knows the secret to overcoming inflation? With everything going on in the economy these past few years many eyes have opened to the words of the Twitter post from Speaker Davonte.

Days prior to his post that sparked thousands of views he went on to say “I’m here to preach the word of GOD but I’m also here to help prepare people for the events to come. Follow me for more information such as prepping, politics, And more. 2023 will make 2022 look like a cake walk with ALL honesty!”

For more information involving Speaker Davonte Fennell’s tips on how to battle rising prices his Twitter link will be linked below:


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