Kartik Sehrawat planning to release his new song Dawai shche on 12th August 2022

August 11 23:06 2022
Kartik Sehrawat, a world traveller and Multi-lingual musician is going to release his new Ukrainian song named Dawai shche on 12th August 2022.

Dawai shche is a song with a theme story highlighting the ups and downs in a relationship. The shooting for this video song was done in and around beautiful places in Berlin, Germany. Heiko Aufdermauer, one of Berlin’s highly reputed director (works at his self built Label SilentFilms), and the young aspiring actress Julia Samson from Odessa, Ukraine worked together in the creation of Dawai shche. With all these, Dawai shche is sure to give a mind-blowing experience for all song lovers.

Kartik Sehrawat

Kartik Sehrawat (born 18 October 2000), is an Indian musician, lyricist and singer. He started out in 2022 as a singer with his first debut in his Punjabi song Maardi Ae Goli, which became a hit earning 125k+ streams on YouTube in the first month. He recently announced on his social media that he will be making a song in all the widely spoken languages across the Globe, which created a hype among his audience.

It is reported that his song Dawai shche had a budget of over ₹1 Million, making it his most expensive song so far.

Enjoying the sensation that his music is creating, his song давай ще is expected to be a big hit once released.

Born in Delhi, India, Kartik struggled for a long time to make a mark. While doing his bachelors degree in Germany, he realised music being his hobby must be presented to the world in his own style and in different languages to engage maximum audience across the World.

Ukraine being his favourite place of attraction, he is releasing his Ukrainian song Dawai shche even before a song in his mother tongue (Haryanvi). The pre-released promos of Dawai shche are now available on YouTube along with the other songs of Kartik Sehrawat (including his first song Mardi Ae Goli).

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