Social Media Expert Explores How Organic Social Drives ROI

June 20 22:58 2022

London, UK – June 20, 2022 – Organic social media allows businesses to engage their audience, increase conversion rates and maximise return on interest.

Organic social media consists of posting relevant content on your social media platforms without any paid support. Organic social is a great way to interact with followers and wider users.

Actively posting and engaging with followers can actually boost businesses’ authenticity and gain their customers’ trust, too. One way to achieve this is by encouraging user-generated content.

Brands create trends and campaigns around products or services which engage and inspire users to create content with their products. This in turn helps increase your click-through rate and turn high quality leads into conversions.

Adding custom location tags is also a great way to enable user-generated content as users are able to check in and post user-generated photos on their feed, which will also appear on the organic social feed.

Speaking of how using organic social effectively drives return on investment, Farhiya Ali at The Brains, says:

“Crafting an organic social strategy is often the forgotten step by many business when setting ROI goals. Having a clear social delivery plan that focuses on building loyalty, trust, and a social community of brand advocates is what sets the foundation for sales to follow. When you win over people organically, your brand’s social proof will be enough for those one or two followers to share and recommend to others.” – Farhiya Ali, Organic Social Media Strategist at The Brains

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