JASMINER X4 1U: High hash rate output ETC

June 07 02:18 2022

JASMINER X4 1U: High hash rate output but only 240W power consumption

Nowadays, the performance and power consumption of crypto mining rigs have become essential factors in the competition between various products, and users also attach great importance to this. People even use these two standards as the definitive reference for purchasing decisions.

In recent years, JASMINER has gradually emerged as a leader, and the best-selling product is the JASMINER X4 1U, mainly used for mining ETC. In addition to the unique design in 1U shape, JASMINER X4 1U is also characterized by the core chip processor, heat dissipation, noise reduction, software configuration, and a series of performance improvements. It can bring users good “full-blooded combat power.”

The server provides a hash rate of 520MH/s with a power consumption of 240W only. In areas where electricity is expensive, it consumes just 5.76 kWh of electricity per day. This 1U shape provides a possibility to use it in regular family spaces, IDC computer rooms, and other environments.

Compared with the current mining products in the market, JASMINER X4 1U breaks through the appearance and performance limitations of traditional mining rigs and allows consumers to get a high hash rate with less power consumption and unlimited the using place at the user end. The higher ROI and lower power cost also attract more and more people’s attention.

As a rising star, JASMINER has presented many new inspirations to the encryption industry. With the current PoW consensus, thinking about environmental issues is gradually gaining attention, and JASMINER is also unafraid to break through technical difficulties and let the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection permeate the crypto mining industry. It is opening up a new direction for the development of the industry that allows more people to mine more efficiently without having to worry about finding cheap electricity, saves energy, and reduces the cost.

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