5 Reasons Why Schneider Electric Egypt is the Best Place to Work

June 05 09:14 2022

Working in a safe, healthy, and aspirational atmosphere is no longer considered a luxury, but an essential determent of the overall employee experience especially for businesses that aim to nurture and develop their workforces. In Egypt, where there’s high prevalence of burnouts especially among healthcare providers, banking employees and teachers, businesses are focusing on providing employees with positive work environment in order to ensure improved quality of life and overall health.

Atop of these businesses, Schneider Electric Egypt’s efforts have been recognized by the prestigious annual certification program “Best Places to Work” as one of Egypt’s best work environments, ranking 2nd among 18 companies in 2021/2022 edition.

The rankings are based on findings from anonymous surveys and thorough, multi-dimensional analysis covering diverse aspects of the work environment, from HR practices, leadership, compensation & benefits, all the way to work relationships, employee engagement, and CSR activities, where Schneider Electric Egypt managed to score highly across all factors.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why Schneider Electric is ranked as one of Egypt’s best work environments:

Green Workplace – Nothing tops up working in a healthy and green environment, free of any pollutants; that’s exactly what Schneider Electric Egypt is offering its employees. As a leader in sustainable development, the company is committed to deliver positive impact on Economy, Planet and People – both internally and externally. Part of the important stages to going green involves green architecture, which is designing and building Schneider Electric offices in Egypt, with the end goal of cleaning out air pollution using state-of-the-art sensors and filters. These efforts led to a 600-ton reduction in carbon emission between 2019 and 2021, providing a clean and healthy workplace spanning more than 100 rooms that come fully equipped with all the luxury and comfort Schneider Electric’s employees deserve. As an outcome of implementing these standards, Schneider Electric’s headquarters in Cairo has received the Gold Award for the Best Smart Design under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) v4 Interior Design and Construction: Commercial Interiors rating system.

Sustainable Development – As a leading player when it comes to incorporating sustainable development elements into its core business and operations strategy, across its manufacturing plants and workplaces, Schneider Electric pays close attention to innovative solutions that put the environment front and center. This is most pronounced in the company’s partaking in all major development projects in Egypt in numerous fields ranging from healthcare, energy, and wastewater solutions, all the way to digital transformation, infrastructure, as well as electricity and renewable energy projects. Schneider Electric’s business approach and ethics is highly valued by its employees as they not only work in a healthy environment, but also feel that their work is valued and is contributing to building safer and better communities for future generations.

Women Empowerment – An equal work environment is one where social parity is achieved and maintained, for everyone regardless of their gender. With women particularly facing a myriad of employment hardships, Schneider Electric has long adopted a strict policy aimed at empowering women in the workplace, and in line with the UN’s principles, placing it on top of Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index for the fifth consecutive year in a row, with 42% of its workforce being women. The company scored above the overall average with the highest score in the equal pay and gender pay parity category. To attain this, Schneider Electric Egypt introduced different development programs and channels that enable women to develop their skills and abilities in safe and encouraging environments, setting them on the path to excellence and growth in their careers quickly and efficiently.

Not only but Schneider Electric also empowers women in the Egyptian community through its projects, most recent of which are Esna and Dandara projects in which it developed numerous employment opportunities for women in Upper Egypt, a particularly vulnerable social segment.

Social Responsibility & Community Development – One of the key factors influencing employees’ sense of belonging to any workplace is sharing the same values and principles, mostly if they work at an institution that has the power and resources to positively impact society. With its focus on sustainable development and green energy, Schneider Electric Egypt has supported a number of projects that aim to improve the Egyptian citizens’ standard of living and raise awareness on prioritizing sustainable development as a significant social value within the community. Under the umbrella of Hayah Karima initiative, Schneider Electric led efforts to provide solar power plants generating electricity to light the streets and hospital in Abu Gharqad village, in addition to ecofriendly projects in Esna in Luxor and Dandara in Qena, which positively integrated environmental, social, and economic aspects, to empower youth and women in Upper Egypt.

Moreover, Schneider Electric Egypt committed to transparency by actively sharing updates on its Sustainability Impact, showcasing how innovative changes and quick-to-adapt technologies contribute to addressing many complex issues such as climate, economics, healthcare, and development.

Training & Capacity Building – Schneider Electric Egypt plays a major role when it comes to upskilling engineers and technicians working in the industry, by offering programs that provide training on the latest and most advanced in digital, smart, and ecofriendly technologies.

Furthermore, the company launched a free online educational platform, Schneider Electric University, which offers more than 200 tailored courses in 13 languages, helping anyone working in administrative, planning, designing, or building energy-impacted spaces, and equipping them with all the skills and knowledge to be amongst the best in the field. 

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