Money Management with an Edge: Sectorem Announces Launch of Low-Cost Introducer Service

April 29 02:12 2022

LONDON, UK – 28 April, 2022 – The new introducer company Sectorem today announced its official launch, with a service aimed at providing tax efficient, low cost but high yielding investment systems for people online. Sectorem is designed to introduce clients to skilled money managers who trade on their behalf, including large offshore brokers and fund managers operating in Far Eastern markets.

As an introducer or intermediary, deep relationships with investors are a valuable asset. Introducers are playing a critical and increasingly sensitive role in the investment community. Clients need to know they can trust the firm to satisfy financial services regulation, especially if a project involves selling or issuing shares, collective investment schemes, or loan notes. It is important that participants consider their position carefully.

Today’s projects often involve significant sums, and the reward typically comes in the form of an introduction fee, commission or fundraising fee, which is payable only if the project receives approval. Investors are often frustrated by the efforts of introducer firms to take a fee from both the buyer and seller, without the express consent of both parties. Not surprisingly, clients are increasingly demanding transparency and clear pricing models.

At the same time, the already stringent requirements of payment systems and banks are tightening up further. Businesses and individuals are finding more difficulty in accessing quality financial services. Historically, the top performing private banks always operated on a personal referral basis. A client who simply telephones the call centre or emails the company’s main address is unlikely to be treated very seriously.

Strict anti-money laundering (AML) principles and procedures are now a harsh reality, along with the arrival of KYC (Know Your Customer) rules that allow banking institutions to reject applicants and block accounts if they suspect a breach. Therefore, services must be provided by an experienced and qualified AML expert, and licensed lawyers who understand how to present relevant documents to the banks.

This is the current state of the market as Sectorem makes its entrance. The company’s experts have studied all the procedures and requirements of foreign payment institutions. Sectorem aims to provide the much-needed improved transparency, without charging management fees, while offering maximum flexibility to the client. For example, clients are free to withdraw their balance as they please as soon as the minimum term is up.

Maintaining Excellence

Professional introducers are here to make the modern investor’s life more hassle-free. They are paid to keep in touch with the leading financial experts and analysts, and they offer profound knowledge of market participants.

As specialists in assisting corporate partners, the small but experienced team at Sectorem prides itself on its exceptional customer service levels. The client services personnel ensure all customer contact is service-driven, in order to maintain excellence.

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