Automating the business processes, WinActor Support remains the best choice for Robotic Process Automation

November 17 11:36 2021
WinActor is a computer-tasks automation software that has been developed by NTT Group. WinActor has been designed to automate the repetitive tasks done by a clerk on a desktop. It is compatible with Windows OS and supports IE, Office, ERP, OCR, and more.

Ha Noi, Vietnam – In order to help businesses automate their manual and repeating workflow, WinActor Support provides excellent automation. The software easily installs on a Windows environment and is compatible with a number of different working software. These software systems include Microsoft Office including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access, and more. WinActor Software comes with an intuitive GUI that is easy to use, yet very robust in day-to-day tasks.

Businesses shifting to the WinActor Platform can highly take advantage of the modern technologies in their daily repetitive routines. The software is not meant to replace the manual clerks, it has been designed to work alongside a human and is meant to augment the tasks where needed. Furthermore, WinActor does not require a heavily-built PC, it can run on just about any computer. Moreover, the WinActor RPA can easily be used and requires no prerequisite knowledge of using an automation tool.

Using WinActor is as easy as three simple steps. The user firstly needs to record the actions. In this step, the user will use the PC just as they normally would, and WinActor will record each step. WinActor will then convert this recording into a series of manipulation content. The software can then use this content to follow the same steps as recorded by the user. The user can also edit the recorded scenario. This part can be done if some part of the process has to be removed or if something new has to be introduced in the process. After the user has recorded and edited, simply run the WinActor software and the same steps will be performed automatically.

One of the spokespeople at WinActor said: “WinActor received many positive reviews from customers for its contributions such as saving labor in jobs with fixed logic, improving work efficiency and quality, and optimizing division of labor into jobs, bringing about high added value. Thanks to the simple application and stable run, at the end of February 2018, WinActor has been adopted by more than 1900 enterprises.

About WinActor Support:

WinActor Support is the leading WinActor service and support center in Asia. WinActor developed by NTT DATA Corporation helps companies have a breakthrough in revenue by optimizing the quality of operations, reducing the effective working time. Bring Asia’s leading 4.0 technology to each business and company in Vietnam.

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