North Carolina Based Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions is Popular for Matching High Quality Skilled Temporary Workers with Top Clients

October 30 23:55 2021
North Carolina Based Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions is Popular for Matching High Quality Skilled Temporary Workers with Top Clients
Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions is dedicated to providing professional temp staffing services with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, which is second to none.

Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions (STSS), a family-owned business, has established itself as a leading temporary staffing agency that specializes in hospitality staffing. Founded July of 2006 in Pittsboro NC, they have over a decade of experience in the industry. As a top-rated staffing agency, they are popular with their clients and employees due to their personalized, customer-centric approach and affordable services. In the post-pandemic world, as businesses are gradually opening, the demand for temporary staff is expected to grow at a phenomenal pace. STSS is well-positioned to play a significant role in meeting this growing demand.


STSS specializes in matching temp workers with jobs that allows them to make the most of their time, experience and skills. When clients need temporary staffing coverage for their company or event, STSS provides great temp workers who provide great service. Matching temporary workers with clients is a top priority at STSS, so they are committed to getting it right every time.

“Our services are customized to meet the requirements of our Clients. We offer consultations with trained professionals, so that we can better understand the needs of our Clients,” says Yvette Simmons, the owner and founder of STSS. “Our background and decades of experience in the temporary staffing industry give us an advantage of knowing what works best and customizing specifically for each client.”

Yvette Simmons was born in Kingston, Jamaica where she gained her experience in entrepreneurship working in her mother’s business. Later, she moved to the US and started her career working as an Executive Assistant in Manhattan, New York. It was always a dream for Yvette to be a business owner. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and her many years of success in the staffing industry, she decided to start her own staffing company called STSS.


“STSS’ goal is to find quality employees for clients who have limited time, and to assist clients who are strained in balancing their daily routine and a job search,” says Yvette. “We are here to bring clients and employees together.”

STSS is currently hiring for various positions such as bartenders, cooks, housekeepers, dishwashers, baristas, servers, groundskeepers, bilingual Spanish recruiters, etc. The vacancies are available across multiple locations from North Carolina to Atlanta.

STSS is already witnessing first-hand the impacts of the labor shortage all over the economy as employers scramble for workers. The company has designed comprehensive workflows to help bridge the gaps in labor shortage by connecting employees and employers during these unprecedented times. For the Clients who are looking for temporary staff to fill their urgent requirements, they can be assured of high-quality skilled staff that knows how to deliver their best.

“We believe in giving personalized attention to each Client. We get to know them personally because their requirements are as personal as it gets,” says Yvette. “There is a need for a low-cost service provider in the market that can offer reliable and personalized temp staff matching services. We started this as an effort to help the staff find the right opportunity that matches their skill set and also pays well and have constantly seen a surge in demand for our services ever since we began our operations.”

STSS works with clients in various sectors including Hotels, Country Clubs, Weddings, Private Events, Universities, etc.

“Our clients are always our top priority. Excellence in customer service and quality is what drives our decision,” says Yvette. “We strive to hire the most hard-working individuals for our company. This ensures that we will get the job done in a timely matter for our clients.”

Today STSS has established itself as a leading temp staffing agency due to its customer-first approach and cost-effective pricing along with their customer-friendly and knowledgeable staff. The company is committed to hiring the best staff and investing in their training, so that they can always offer top-class services to their valued clients.

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Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions (STSS) is a leading temporary staffing agency based in North Carolina. They offer affordable and reliable temporary staffing services in various sectors.

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