Schneider Electric Launches New Products at Innovation Summit and NECA Nashville 2021

October 29 19:39 2021
Schneider Electric Launches Next Generation PowerPacT Circuit Breaker Series

Schneider Electric announced the launch of its new and improved PowerPacT Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) series at the 2021 NECA Convention Nashville.

The more intelligent and reliable multi-standard compliant range of molded case circuit breakers helps to enable its customers to increase operational efficiency and deliver increased reliability. The updated PowerPacT MCCB is equipped with features including:

  • Visi-Trip LED breaker locator: The LED locator in an MCCB provides a visual light alert when a breaker needs to be inspected, helping to increase safety and save customers time finding the concern and allowing them to begin the troubleshooting process faster
  • Updated front cover design: Embeds all connectivity features into the display with new product brand signature and product QR codes, allowing customers to more easily upgrade solutions and gain quicker access to device documentation
  • Semi-transparent breaker: Gives customers direct visibility to auxiliaries installed within the breaker and provides more simplified retrofitting with additional accessories
  • Zigbee wireless technology: Coming soon, PowerPacT breakers will be compatible with optional wireless technology for accessories. Zigbee can save customers time by eliminating the need to hard-wire connections and improve productivity by providing real-time remote notifications

The new PowerPacT series can save time and resources while helping to reduce risk, simplify installation and maintenance, and offer scalable upgrades that help to future-proof to meet environmental standards. PowerPacT MCCBs provide an opportunity for contractors, specifiers, electrical OEMs and distributors to help increase power resiliency and mitigate circuit breaker trip issues for hospitals, utilities, and electrical construction.

Schneider Electric Launches the New FlexSeT Switchboard

Schneider Electric also announced the launch of its new FlexSeT low voltage switchboard at the 2021 NECA Convention Nashville.

FlexSeT provides a new service model for switchboard sourcing, installation and maintenance that helps to reduce project risk, increase construction efficiencies, and shorten lead times. With a more simplified, modular service model at all project stages, FlexSeT is designed to help accelerate deployments for more optimal efficiency. The product features a number of enhancements to help eliminate the need for manual processes that can be slower and more inefficient. The new switchboard helps to improve daily operations with digital solutions:

  • Digital integration: A more modern design provides easier assembly and more simplified installation and maintenance, all monitored and managed with more convenient digital apps
  • Full traceability: Partners can track assembly progress through scannable QR codes on each accessory and help to simplify future maintenance through interactive digital twins of installations
  • Customized configuration: More flexible order designs mean switchboards meet specific project and customer needs, and a modular design allows for more seamless upgrades for future enhancements
  • Faster deployments: Lead times can be as little as 72 hours with more simplified installation often requiring just two hours for a team of two
  • New quality standards: FlexSeT is a switchboard that utilizes UL’s Extended Manufacturing Assemblers Process (EMAP) standards for quality assurance and flexible assembly options

The FlexSeT low voltage switchboard is the first modular switchboard in Schneider Electric’s new SeT series. The series features a more modern, consistent design with digital integrations for more simplified installation, assembly, and maintenance, helping to save time and costs for contractors, distributors, panel builders and consulting engineers.

EcoStruxure Automation Expert Version 21.2 from Schneider Electric to Manage Water and Wastewater Operations Full Automation Lifecycle

Schneider Electric announced version 21.2 of EcoStruxure Automation Expert, helping to enhance the capabilities of its software-centric universal automation system. The new release will focus on helping future-proof water and wastewater (WWW) plant operations worldwide.

Water and wastewater plants that implement EcoStruxure Automation Expert will now have lifecycle management, integration of IT/OT services and improved system diagnostics for their automation systems. The solution also enables close integration with the AVEVA portfolio, further extending capabilities and options to add or modify as future needs arise.

Water and wastewater sustainability

Driven by the need to ensure water quality and realizing that water is becoming an increasingly precious resource, the sector has begun to embrace and accelerate its digitization journey. Schneider Electric is helping to make enhancements and progress in the sector by embracing universal automation to drive a higher level of sustainable water operations.

Future-proof flexibility

With a life span of 25-35 years, water and wastewater plants typically remain with a single automation solution throughout their full project lifecycle, often leaving them with outdated and rigid operations. EcoStruxure Automation Expert allows the automation software to be separated from the hardware, providing opportunity for WWW enterprises to eliminate their dependency on proprietary hardware solutions.

EcoStruxure Automation Expert will provide a single platform that evolves with time for water and wastewater subsegments, including:

  • Treatment infrastructures: water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, industrial wastewater
  • Network infrastructures: water and wastewater networks
  • Water resources: distributed systems, such as irrigation systems

New enhancements in EcoStruxure Automation Expert V21.2 include:

  • Enhanced lifecycle management: from designing and building water and wastewater plants to improving operation and maintenance, EcoStruxure Automation Expert offers connection to engineering software, including AVEVA, so new designs or changes to existing ones can be validated virtually prior to implementation, helping to reduce errors and saving time and money. This asset centric approach allows for automatic deployment of process elements (with, for example, their control, supervisory, mechanical, electric and control designs) enabling process assets to be managed digitally across their full lifecycle.  
  • Improved device integration and out of the box application libraries: a continued drive for open, universal automation platforms has led to a more streamlined license model and the introduction of a native visualization solution with EcoStruxure Automation Expert HMI now available on more cost-effective local panels.
  • Complete digital solution from end point to the cloud: An integration of IT systems with OT systems helps to boost security, longevity and ensure that customers have a solution that evolves with time.

Schneider Electric Introduces EcoStruxure Building Graph – Building Operating System Platform for Smart Building Applications

Schneider Electric announced EcoStruxure Building Graph, a new building operating system and linked data platform. The operating system will provide the digital twin of buildings for access to building systems’ data and control. EcoStruxure Building Graph delivers added value for building owners, operators, and tenants by linking the complex network of interactions between humans and the building, connecting data across various systems and IoT devices, and enabling more secure data accessibility and application development.

EcoStruxure Building Graph removes some of the complexities of integrating building systems and accessing building data in siloed environments. By introducing technology and system integration as a core component of the design phase of the building value chain, buildings will be more future-proof and enable more sustainable, resilient, efficient, and people-centric use cases.

EcoStruxure Building Graph helps to alleviate integration complexities to deliver smart applications such as:

  • Connected solutions: EcoStruxure Building Graph’s technology integrates with Schneider Electric’s on-premise connected room solutions and BMS through EcoStruxure Building Operation. It is also complemented by Schneider Electric’s native cloud applications, Engage Enterprise and Building Advisor, as well as industry partner Planon.
  • A focus on occupant well-being: By aggregating and contextualizing these data types in EcoStruxure Building Graph, the values can be accessed for comfort score ranking and analyzed to pinpoint opportunities to help improve work environments.
  • Advanced BMS Technology: A cloud-based digital twin and linked data platform providing APIs and telemetry feeds to appropriate data sources.

EcoStruxure Building Graph helps to create value by unlocking opportunities through more advanced automation, connected and integrated solutions, and building environment monitoring in real-time.

Schneider Electric boosts next generation TeSys Giga offering with digital innovation

Schneider Electric announces the release of a new generation of TeSys Giga series Motor Starters. The TeSys Giga series has been designed with smart digital innovations to help deliver a simpler, more sustainable, safe and secure customer experience for panel builders, consulting engineers, system integrators, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) further building on greater reliability and electrical durability.

The TeSys Giga series Motor Starters is designed to serve the needs of the process machinery, water and wastewater, metals, minerals and mining as well as various manufacturing and processing industries. It helps to reduce engineering time and complexity, while improving machine reliability and helping to drive down maintenance costs and reduce downtime through a number of specific benefits and features:

  • Modular design: The unique set up enables easier replacement of spare parts, helping to improve the reliability and robustness by up to 90% with up to 50% faster integration and commissioning time.
  • Compact footprint:  Compact design with 40% size reduction to better enable optimal cabinet installation space.
  • Self-diagnosis: Predictive maintenance can be achieved through contact wear diagnostics and coil over/under voltage detection. A unique calculation method provides a more precise status, helping to reduce the downtime and optimize site operation with tips wear level indicators, coil under/over voltage indicators, internal fault indicators, and contactor open & close status indicators. This feature helps to maximize resilience and uptime for an efficient site operation.
  • Full-scale protection: Initial settings provide a safer customer journey when it comes to overload relay protection, including overload protection, ground fault protection, and phase imbalance protection, helping to guarantee a safer customer journey.
  • QR Codes: Delivers technical documents, technical video guides, and counterfeit safeguards that help to improve customer experiences.
  • More reliable and ready for harsh environments: Improved auxiliary contacts (17V,1mA,10-8) help to enable better reliability in harsh environments and conform to high density PLC input applications.

Schneider Electric Releases EcoStruxure Power to deliver reliable “always-on” electrical power

Schneider Electric releases a new version of its flagship power distribution system, EcoStruxure Power. This comprehensive IoT-enabled architecture and platform is designed to digitize and help simplify electrical distribution infrastructure, delivering more reliable “always-on” power for commercial buildings, healthcare, data centers, industry, and infrastructure. The new release offers more enhanced cybersecurity features, improved connectivity and predictive analytics working to help reduce electrical fires and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

The new release of EcoStruxure Power is specially designed to help minimize power downtime, proactively protecting critical infrastructure and equipment from the dangers of electrical failures and to allow better integration of clean renewable energy.


EcoStruxure Power is specially designed to help prevent business disruption and loss. With this new release, Schneider Electric has enhanced its ‘Continuous Thermal Monitoring’ application to help reduce risk of electrical fires and unplanned electrical downtime by measuring temperature at critical connection points in MV and LV electrical equipment with wireless sensors and monitoring potential off gassing of electrical wiring with PowerLogic HeatTag. Schneider Electric is also launching a new generation of PrismaSeT Active, a LV switchboard with built-in cloud connectivity, and ComPacT circuit breakers that help to achieve operational excellence and simplified maintenance activities.


EcoStruxure Power system architecture is now being certified to IEC62443-3-3 with central configuration and mass deployment of cybersecurity policies with Cybersecurity Admin Expert.  Components of EcoStruxure Power’s architecture also achieve product certifications to IEC62443-4-1/4-2 including EcoStruxure Power Operation software, EcoStruxure Power Automation System, PowerLogic Easergy P5, and PowerLogic Easergy T300.

Power availability

Power availability is essential for business continuity. To this end, Schneider Electric helps to optimize asset management capabilities to further minimize unscheduled downtime and extend the lifetime of critical electrical infrastructures with enhancements to Schneider Electric’s Digital Logbook offering, providing predictive asset management via PrismaSeT Active, MCSeT, and Okken.

Schneider Electric is offering more optimized asset management for Schneider Electric’s medium and low voltage electrical distribution equipment.  Native connectivity of equipment to EcoStruxure Power digital services, such as EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, connects facility maintenance staff with Schneider Electric service personnel through preventative and predictive analytics throughout the equipment lifecycle.


With the emergence of greater energy efficiency guidelines in building and electrical codes, EcoStruxure Power provides enhanced capabilities to manage measured energy for building consumption with the integration of Edge Control software and energy sub-metering.  Energy data is collected, stored, and visualized according to the requirements in ASHRAE 90.1, NEC2020, IECC, LEED, IEC60364-8-1 and can be customized to local energy codes and standards.

Efficiency with connectivity

EcoStruxure Power helps to optimize the CAPEX of smart solutions throughout the design, build and commissioning phases of projects by further minimizing risks and costs and increasing efficiency. Since EcoStruxure Power was initially launched, Schneider Electric customers have experienced energy cost improvements of between 10-30%, making a measurable difference to their bottom lines.

With this new release, Schneider Electric has further simplified the design, selection and commissioning of IoT devices with the launch of EcoStruxure Panel Server, a more secure and performant connectivity gateway. Providing connectivity to on-premise edge control software or cloud-based advisory services, the EcoStruxure Panel Server helps to reduce the complexity and costs from design through operations to further enable the potential of EcoStruxure Power.

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