Rex Academy Implements Computer Science Curriculum With Redeemer Lutheran School

October 29 10:13 2021

Rex Academy, a leading provider of Computer Science curriculum for Grades K thru 12, was selected by Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Dallas, Texas to deliver a customized Computer Science (C.S.) curriculum for grades K thru 6. Rex Academy will provide its own instructor to facilitate delivery of the curriculum during both in-school and after-school sessions. Included in the program is the implementation of Rex Academy’s unique Technology Learning Platform (T.L.P.). This web-based platform is designed to help teachers keep track of individual student progress and performance.

Our Redeemer’s forward-thinking leaders and staff are looking for innovative ways to bring to their school an enhanced curriculum with a vision to prepare their students for the fast-paced digital world. Our Redeemer has selected courses in Scratch, Lego® WeDo Robotics, and Robyi® Robotics as their semester-long courses. These courses incorporate project-based learning experiences featuring animations, in-depth videos, and hands-on projects to engage students’ creativity through S.T.E.A.M. and foster an understanding of Computer Science.

The overall objective is to introduce students to Computer Science so that, in the future, they may be able to easily recognize the logical concepts and ultimately remove the mystique of Computer Science. To this end, Rex Academy will also provide a skilled instructor to help Our Redeemer’s staff transition into this new educational experience. 

The Computer Science provider will also launch additional C.S. curriculum during the Fall 2021 season.

Rex Academy’s goals is to make Computer Science available to every student across the United States. To achieve this goal, they have built their curricula so that instructors do not need a background in Computer Science to teach Rex Academy courses. They combine this approach with their T.L.P., which can track student progress through data analysis and administers courses on a web-based, easy-to-use learning platform. Rex Academy’s curricula is aligned to T.E.K.S. (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), Common Core, C.S.T.A. (Computer Science Teachers Association), and other state and association standards. 

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Rex Academy offers a concise, turnkey Computer Science curricula and learning platform designed to prepare students with skills for the 21st century. Rex Academy’s project-based curricula prioritizes student success through individualized experiences. Features such as automatically graded assessments and courses designed to be taught by non-experts make it easy to bring world class Computer Science instruction to any school. As a strategic partner of Blue-Ribbon Schools of Excellence and a CSTA+ member, Rex Academy shares their mission to foster teacher-led communities and provide educators with the high-quality services, tools, and resources needed to create world-class schools for all students.

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