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October 29 01:03 2021
The award-winning family office leverage in-house talent and resources to empower family dynasties, create true wealth, and leave a positive legacy.

Canada has a thriving economy, and family-owned businesses own a significant chunk of that. About 35% of Canada’s GDP is accounted for by these types of companies. However, studies show one-third of family businesses don’t make it through the second generation, 10-15 percent make it to the third, and only 3-5 percent make it to the fourth generation. There are plenty of ways to nurture a family business in the 21st century. From mentorship programs in which young business leaders can learn from seasoned entrepreneurs to open forums, none of them are suitable for building a sustainable family dynasty. This is where family office services come into play that can most efficiently handle investments and wealth management for ultra-high net worth (UNHW) families.

Canada is fifth in the world regarding the number of ultra-wealthy individuals within the country’s borders. Wealth-X, a data firm that publishes in-depth reports on ultra-high net worth individuals, finds that Canada has 10,395 people with over $30 million in assets in their portfolios as of 2018. That number puts Canada in fifth place, behind the United States, China, Japan, and Germany. To help such affluent business families in the country as well as worldwide, build a sustainable legacy, develop meaningful business relationships, and provide access to the world-renowned experts in estate planning, succession planning, life planning, family wealth planning, and legacy planning Lugen Family Office is offering a comprehensive range of family office services.

Lugen Family Office (LFO) is one of the most prominent global providers of family office services. Its employees are committed to facilitating trust between family members while providing customized advisory services that empower family business dynasties to flourish and prepare successors to take over the family company’s future operations. Its core values include strategic vision, trusted advice, and personalized services. Enzo Calamo founded the company in 2005, an international wealth advisor and coach for UNHW business owners. He is frequently sought for his expertise in family business management, asset protection, and legacy planning.

Enzo has a multifaceted career. He is the author of the best-selling book “How to Create Infinite Returns in Real Estate Using the Secret Asset: How to Recover All Business and Personal Expenses Using the Secret Asset” and contributes to several online publications about the happenings in the world of UHNW families. The social entrepreneur is also the Seven Generation Legacy Process creator, which empowers families to protect their legacies for generations. He is actively involved in philanthropy and serves as a faculty member of the Knowledge Bureau to pass on his wisdom. Under his expert guidance, Lugen Family Office offers great estate planning and wealth creation solutions, excellent financial planning to ensure success and wealth. The company provides a range of family office services, including legacy planning, wealth management, private finance, and business consulting.

The Vancouver-based multi-family office coordinates and manages complex family affairs. By working with clients to develop custom family policies and access a network of strategic partners, LFO provides peace of mind that helps families achieve long-term goals. Its team of expert advisors manages assets, helps protect wealth, and supports heirs while managing the complexities of succession planning. The company believes in creating long-term communication with its clients through regular communication, customizing resources and services, maintaining confidentiality, and its proprietary legacy wealth management system to bring real positive results.

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