Angeline Wehmeyer Hosts Monthly Real Estate Passive Income Power Dinners for Dallas Investors

October 28 20:19 2021

Dallas, TX, USA – October 28, 2021 – Fueling the Dallas market with new real estate investors, Angeline Wehmeyer is hosting a Real Estate Passive Income Power Dinner. Wehmeyer, a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, provides dinner and bonuses along with a workshop teaching proven ways to get into the lucrative multi-family market, creating passive income and providing tax advantages. The next power dinner is November 17 at Calabrese Restaurant in Southlake Texas.

Wehmeyer’s clients refer to her as a modern-day Wonder Woman: determined to help others release their untapped potential waiting for them. Channeling her inner Wonder Woman, Angeline Wehmeyer’s determination is spreading awareness on how creating a strong financial foundation is the key to creating a life of joy, abundance, and impact. Like Wonder Woman, Wehmeyer’s clients are discovering how determined she is for them to have a well-rounded lifestyle that lasts, and new family legacies are being created.

Wehmeyer explains that she sees herself as a protector of families, adding that she “didn’t have a childhood because of money.” When she was five years old, her mom had to move to another city to make a living, leaving her behind. At that point, Wehmeyer became determined to crack the wealth code with her own lasso of truth, devoting a lot of time and energy to the effort.

It took Wehmeyer 11 years to get to where she wanted to be, living in her dream home, and retiring her parents. “I want to share my knowledge with other people, so they don’t have to go through the challenges I’ve been through. Being truthful about your personal financial situation and being willing to see the truth and make adjustments is going to make all the difference for the people I’m trying to help,” says Wehmeyer.

“Once you reach that point,” says Wehmeyer, “once you have the financial protection you will have the peace of mind allowing you to explore other areas of your life. I believe when you help people create a strong financial foundation, they can grow and develop into every other area of their life, free from the hustle and grind that is keeping American families down. Wealth creation is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time. Without a strategic plan, money is fleeting.”

Angeline Wehmeyer is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, and contributing author of the best-selling books, “Cracking the Rich Code” and “Rest If You Must, But Don’t Quit”. Angeline is most passionate about educating clients on the power of investing using easy-to-understand wealth principles through her course offerings and individual coaching. She is also the founder of Financial Genius Academy, a membership-based financial training program committed to helping others to build their own blueprints for joy, abundance, and impact.

Text FGA (for Financial Genius Academy) to 74121 to get more information about Angeline’s passive income workshops in the Dallas, TX area. At the “Real Estate Success, Power Dinner & Entrepreneur Power Dinner”, Angeline teaches proven ways to tap into the lucrative multi-family market with passive income and tax advantages.

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