The social media celebrity Agustina Anon

October 28 03:21 2021
The social media celebrity Agustina Anon

Being an influencer and entertainer is a job that requires innovation in ideas, and being a person born in the early 90s, Agustina believes that the era has completely changed. Agustina Anon was born on 26 January 1995 in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is a person who is highly engaged over social media platforms and currently has 3 million followers. Her social media family, in the form of subscribers, is mainly from the United States.

The year 2020 was a turning point in Agustina’s career as she created her page and got an opportunity to share her opinions, views, and artistic content. She has an equal presence over YouTube, and currently, a considerable number of Instagram users are following Agustina. It makes her able to be in the top 0.8% of all creators. The success over social media platforms also lands her in the fashion industry. She has got many sponsors and collaborators globally, such as Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill, Pretty little thing, Shein, etc.

The YouTube journey of Agustina Anon started in 2017, which became successful with the collaborative approach of a team named “Dosogas team,” located in Latin America. The team was performing in 15 different counties as it had more than 6 million YouTube followers. Years 2020 and 2021 helped Agustina realize that she had the potential to have her independent channel.

In just 4 months, Agustina achieved the milestone of 300k followers on her Instgram page and shortly later she reached 1 million followers on her Instagram. Agustina always thinks out of the box; her focus throughout the years was on making quality content, which is the primary objective of her future goals. She is determined to have her business agency in the United States for models and influencers to support young talent. Agustina wants to tell people that they should trust themselves and should do whatever is in their minds. The role of imagination, in her view, will help the influencers and entertainers to accomplish their goals.

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