Technology Expert Turns To The Art of The Shaman

October 27 19:53 2021
A professional with a decades long career in tech now teaches people humanity’s oldest spiritual practice.

South Portland, Maine –John Moore spent over two decades as a technology consultant when a personal crisis led him to learn shamanism. A black belt in jujutsu with two master’s degrees and a lifetime in high tech, he now teaches the techniques practiced by shamans for tens of thousands of years to spiritually conscious professionals for tens of thousands of years.

“Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual technology, and it can heal lives in the modern world.” – Moore

The word shaman was first written about in Europe in the late 17th century after visitors to the Tungus people of Siberia encountered shamanic practice. The word occurs in many languages, though – reflecting is origin in prehistory. To the Tungus people it means “one who sees clearly,” or “one who sees in the dark.” In English, a shaman is a spiritual functionary who uses altered states of consciousness to travel to nonphysical worlds and work with helping spirits for healing and other purposes.

In his early 40s, Moore experienced a physical and mental health crisis. Turning to meditation and other forms of mind-body healing, he was led to find a teacher of shamanism. Intending only to heal himself, he participated in an apprenticeship and a two-year long initiatory program. Along the way, he learned the art of soul retrieval, an ancient shamanic practice for helping heal trauma.

John Moore applies his expertise in technology to make the ancient practice of shamanism accessible to modern professionals. He views shamanism as a tool to counter the disconnection from the world many people feel today. He sees the practices of the shaman as important cultural links to ancestral methods of healing trauma. Many people feel called to shamanism  right now as the result of the trauma and disconnection from the global pandemic.

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