Empuls Powers Seamless R&R Programs for Organizations In The Digital Era

October 27 18:20 2021
Human-centered leadership that prioritizes meaningful appreciation at work.

The benefits of rewards and recognition (R&R) programs in boosting employee morale have long been known by organizations. The traditional mode of R&R has been the top-down recognition model where leaders acknowledge employee contributions through spot awards, service awards, and bonuses. The key feature of the model is that recognition is based on reaching final targets.

With the advent of human-centered leadership the role of frequent appreciation for employee motivation and engagement has been understood and accepted by leaders. The top-down appreciation model has been replaced by frequent, timely appreciation by managers, peers, and subordinates. The introduction of peer-to-peer recognition and social amplification of recognition generates feelings of appreciation, self-worth, satisfaction, and achievement. A peer-driven appreciation system also enables leaders to commend positive attitudes and reinforce organizational values. However, implementing a democratic recognition process requires a digital R&R platform that removes bias, and put recognition in the hands of every person in the organization. It can be particularly challenging for large organizations if they do not have a comprehensive R&R process driven on a common platform – as was the case with Luminous Power Technologies.

The end of the physical R&R era

Luminous Power Technologies, a leading specialist in backup power solutions and home electricals in India, has a 6000-people strong workforce spread across their 7 manufacturing units and 28 sales offices. The company always maintained a culture of recognition and rewards for outstanding work; however, for over 25 years, the process wasn’t standardized. The reward initiatives varied based on the interest levels of individual departments, with even the most enthusiastic ones conducting the programs no more than two times in a quarter. Rewards were also primarily in the form of certificates, t-shirts, or customizable printed cards with unenthusiastic congratulatory messages. The sporadic nature of the rewards program and the feedback from employees requesting a better recognition process prompted the company to digitize the process and implement a point-based system with extensive redemption features.

Going Digital With Rewards and Recognition

empuls offered the company precisely what they needed – an end-to-end solution for employee recognition, rewards, and redemption on a single platform. Seepika Singhal, Head of Total Rewards, Luminous, was looking for a solution that appealed to the whole generational spectrum. empuls, which is available on both desktop and as a mobile app, made it smooth for every employee. The platform seamlessly integrated with the existing ERP and Information management Systems at Luminous, which greatly simplified implementation.

Something for everyone

With empuls, the organization was able to glean insights into the different segments of their workforce and offer reward choices that catered to each generation. The wide range of reward options which included gift cards, experiences, hobbies, and interests, made the reward programs a favorite to all. What’s more, the simplicity of the solution was appealing even to the technologically wary blue-collar employees at the manufacturing plants garnering much interest and increasing the overall engagement score to a 7.5/10.

More information about empuls can be found at https://www.empuls.io/.

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