Bitcoin Classic is considered by RadFord as a new investment opportunity

October 27 17:10 2021

In recent years, the rise of Decentralized finance, Fluid mining, and governance tokens has led to an increasingly rich ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world. The prices of various cryptocurrencies have continued to rise. More and more people or institutions adopt cryptocurrencies. RadFord believe that cryptocurrency brings Trends will directly affect the traditional financial order.

Therefore, RadFord have to turn our attention to the cryptocurrency market.

About RadFord

RadFord are a global asset management company located in the United States, focusing on finding innovative markets with potential. Since its establishment, RadFord have helped more than 50,000 users formulate exclusive wealth management plans, and have received generous returns.

With the continuous promotion of the digitalization of society, our focus on investment has gradually shifted from traditional manufacturing enterprises to technological innovation enterprises. For the nascent cryptocurrency market, RadFord have also formulated a series of investment strategies.

Rad Ford’s investment strategy will use 60% of the funds to purchase bitcoin mining machines, 20% of the funds will be used to track the top five cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market, and the remaining 20%will be used to purchase innovations whose prices are far below value. Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Classic as the key research object

After multi-dimensional research on the cryptocurrency market, RadFord found that a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Classic may be the potential cryptocurrency RadFord have been looking for for a long time. Through investigations, it was found that the price of Bitcoin Classic was much lower than its value, and the market had obviously underestimated its price.

But this cryptocurrency has a flaw, that is, its current liquidity is slightly insufficient, which may affect the progress of our layout. Therefore, RadFord decided to lay out Bitcoin Classic from two aspects. On the one hand, RadFord participate in Bitcoin Classic mining by purchasing a batch of Ant miner S19 Pro, and on the other hand, RadFord regularly purchase a batch of Bitcoin Classic tokens BGH at market prices.

In the process of strategy implementation, RadFord need to pay attention not to promote the process of deploying Bitcoin Classic too quickly, otherwise it may cause Bitcoin Classic to become a centralized cryptocurrency; this is not the solution RadFord hope to see.

The Bitcoin Classic browser shows: On October 25, Bitcoin Classic’s entire network computing power was 486PH/s. If RadFord want to add computing power on this basis, RadFord don’t expect to increase more than 10% of the current entire network computing power. RadFord estimate that the number of initial mining machine deployments is 450 Ant miner S19 Pro, with a total computing power of about 48PH/s.

When formulating the strategy of acquiring Bitcoin Classic tokens, RadFord found that BGH lacks liquidity. Preliminary statistics on the number of BGH circulating in the market may be less than 10 million, so RadFord need to pay attention to the number and cycle of acquisitions. Since Bitcoin Classic will soon be listed on, RadFord should regularly purchase BGH at a certain price in the secondary market, and try not to cause large price fluctuations as much as possible.

Prospects for the future of Bitcoin Classic

Every investment of ours is thoroughly researched, so RadFord will estimate the ideal rate of return and the investment cycle at the beginning of the investment. For the Bitcoin Classic cryptocurrency, RadFord expect to hold it for 4 to 8 years. Of course, if the rate of return can quickly reach an ideal value, RadFord will also sell the BGH in our hands.

While waiting for us to sell the BGH in our hands, perhaps Bitcoin Classic has become a behemoth, and the BGH in our hands may not be enough to make waves in this market; this will be a truly decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system, No individual or organization can stop its progress, and users should be in various countries and regions.

The giant ship of cryptocurrency reform is still moving forward, and it has never stopped, and RadFord are also fortunate to be passengers of this giant ship, moving forward with the giant ship, and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the endless ocean together.

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