‘Fat Blaster Hot and Cold – Blast Unwanted Fat’ surpasses its Indiegogo campaign by a huge amount

November 14 02:30 2020

Attaining a healthy lifestyle has become quite challenging in these modern times. Fitness is like a dream to many that seem too far away to cherish. Some people are blessed with a toned body, but some strive hard to attain yet fail miserably. As such, they give up on achieving their dream body. This is when the innovative new product “Fat Blaster Hot and Cold”, an FDA Registered 6 in 1 portable body machine comes in light. It is designed to help shake, vibrate and Blast unwanted fat surrounding abs, love handles, legs, arms, and other areas. Fat Blaster uses controlled cooling and heat therapy to blast away that stubborn body fat.

The makers of Fat Blaster Hot and Cold recently launched their product on Indiegogo.com. The backers can now pre-order the product for targeting their unwanted fat, bulges, cellulite, skin lumps and bumps all in the comfort of their home. The interested backers have a chance to pre-order this amazing product till the end of November 2020.

Fat Blaster Hot and Cold is a 6-in-1 portable device that helps in blasting fat that is difficult to shed. Apart from targeting unwanted fat, cellulite, bulges, and skin lumps, Fat Blaster helps in smoothing out the skin surface and making it firm. The FDA Registered Fat Blaster uses powerful but gentle micro-vibration and micro-compression technology to target stored up fat hiding below the skin.  Plus the Turbo smoothing waves gently spin to help smooth the skin surface for sculpted, toned and younger looking skin.

Only the 6 in 1 Fat Blaster System for men and women has 6 different attachments to choose from to customize as per individual body needs. This product is easy to use and offers many benefits and can be used on legs, arms, back, abs, and hips. Furthermore, it comes in a compact travel size bag that makes it easy to carry around anywhere.  The product uses similar technology as used in high end salons around the world. 

The Fat Blaster package includes – a massage device, a power cable, a Cryotone head, a Cellulift head, a Smoothing head, an Orange cloth, a White Cloth, a Blue Cloth, and an Instructional Manual. All this for just $59 through the early bird reward, which is at a 50% discount on the actual product price. The product is shipped worldwide.

More information about the product and the offers could be found on its Indiegogo campaign page.

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